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Spiritualist Trainee Healers Help Line


It has been mootted to write in the healing record card where you put your hands and get patient to intial. It is rumoured someone got accused of putting hands wrong place but was cleared later. WHY AN OBSERVER IS HELPFUL.....but I saw Muriel Finnalyson (NE Scottish Irish and Islands) other week and she has never heard of this change. Maybe a local church thingmebob? I heal privately and get too know my people first, so that apart from insurance is my protection. If you heal privately from home don't just let any stranger walk in; same for readings.
I CHECKED WITH OATELY AND UK HEALERS CODE......too play safe just put your hands on the shoulders, and IF YOU KNOW YOUR LINES, "I AM A SPIRITUALIST CONTACT HEALER.......MAY I PUT MY HANDS ON PERMITTED SENSIBLE AREAS ONLY.......and you have an observer and many clients have sore kneees, worn out cartilage, bad kidneys and get relief from hands placed have an observer too.....a witness you have not put your hands anywhere NOT SENSIBLE OR PERMITTED.......there is an aweful lot of old school healers that put there hands even on the feet.
Me, a healer puts his hands on my head and my knees take a bit to feel the benifit. A healer puts his hands on my knees and the relief, the heavenly wow.SAYS SOMETHING. The old way of healing just might be better. Does that mean you get no healing from just hands on head? Yes you do, but direct on the sore bit you feel it direct sort of thingmebob so feel the relief/healing so feel healed.
For when you get tested the patient might ask for it and if you refuse what then???????????? IT MEANS YOU DON'T KNOW/UNDERSTAND THE..... Code of Conduct......IT DOES NOT FORBID HANDS ON KNEES OR FEET OR HEAD OR BACK OF KIDNEYS.
The Code of Conduct is your bible.
No decent healer will put his hands someplace naughty anyway, and if you know one report him too UK Healers.
And for heaven's sake don't leave your client and go get a glass of water for you while healing; and don't get the client a glass of water while waiting for him/her to open their eyes. This happens to me a lot; what if I fall sideways and where are you....and like what happened to me today don't sit and wait filling up the record card without letting me know the healing is finished. Know the Code of Conduct.

1 Where it is forbidden to charge a fee for treating VD the law has been repelled. Check wirth your healing leader.
2 Midwifery where the law forbids treating a woman in childbirth till 10 days after............
"The Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001" applies ......It is an offence to give healing to a woman in childbirth WITHOUT the consent of the assigned wid wife. Childbirth is designed as relating to ante, intra and post natal periods. The post natal period means the period after the end of labour during which the attendance of a mid wife upon a woman and baby is required, being not less than 10 days and for such longer period as the midwife considers necessary.

THIS MEANS the mother has the right to request whatever assistance she wants. Therefore a healer could join the teams IF a request from the pregant mother is heard as long as the healer clears it with the mid wife FIRST.

SNU Healing assessment:

This probably applies to other healing organisations for similar insurance guidelines.

Spiritualist healing is a form of healing by the uses of forces and energies from the world of spirit, channelled through the healer by the laying on of hands on or near the body, or prayer or by thought direction.

An SNU healer practices healing in accordance with the philosophy of Spiritualist teachings.
All SNU healers are subject to the rules of UK Healers Regulatory Body.
Associate members can now apply for registration as a trainee healer.
Anyone wanting to be a healer should approach their healing leader and in return fill up an application plus fee to be sent to SNU Healing Committee.
Then the trainee must be placed with an approved healer to sign your logbook.
You must do 100 hours over two years practical.
12 hours of this is devoted to setting up. After each healing sitting all chairs and water and towels must be put away for the next person to set up.
The reception must have a secure locker for records to be locked away. Never leave patient record cards exposed facing up lying about.
Use page markers when removing records from filing system.
The trainee will be expected to do reception work. Some include in the logbook as a separate entity 'reception'.
Setting up or healing should be the only two entries in the logbook. At assessment you are expected to set up area
When you go for assessment there is no reception duties or filling in of record cards.
IT IS GOOD PRACTICE TO BRING A RECORD CARD AND DISCLAIMER FORM with you and leave it on a chair beside you VISIBLE to your assessors.
You will be expected to set up chairs for healing and water bowl or wipes. Do not put out flowers or dusty plastic flowers either.
BRING A TOWEL AND WATER BOWEL, this is a must and own wipes.
You are expected to be seen washing/cleaning hands before you start and after each patient.
Do not use perfumed wipes as someone might complain that their throat is getting irritated or eyes are watering.
Water bowel is good as is something really physical for you to do so is easy to remember.
SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH, no SPLASH no hands on patient; you will fail the assessment if you do not clean your hands before putting them on a client.

You will be given time to tune and one of you will be asked to either do the opening prayer or closing prayer at the end.

In Arbroath you pick a client from many sitting about the church hall. In Aberdeen the healing leader had them in order in the tea room and gave you them.
You must show the patient where to sit.
The patient is looking to you for guidance.
Be presentable, clean and have a bath before you go healing or the night before.
Do not wear deodorants and smelly stuff.
When the patient is sitting comfortable sit opposite.

"Hello I am a Spiritualist contact healer which means I put my hands on sensible permitted areas only, therefore did like permission to put my hands on your shoulders and head.

(If glasses ask for removal and do not put on a chair someone might sit on them but at same time within vision and reach of the patient.)
None have ever asked me why as is obvious but just in case 'My fingers might knock them off['.)


Have you been to a Spiritualist Healing Centre before?

If Yes 'As a reminder then the healing energies come from a divine source, spirit channelled through my spirit to your spirit to heal you from within.'

If No 'The healing energies come from a divine source, spirit channelled through my spirit to your spirit to heal you from within.'

'Are you seeing a doctor or taking any prescribed medicines as if so please continue to do so as Spiritualist Healing is a complimentary form of healing.'

'Have you a hearing aid?'

If yes ask them to switch it off and if an obvious big one suggest removing it as fingers might knock it off.
If asked why 'They buzz when your hands go near them.'

(Do not ask if patient has a pacemaker.)

'Now all I want you to do is relax, shut your eyes and listen to the music and when I finish I will sit here again and gently touch your fingers.
(Some say to open your eyes or come back, that is OK. Be careful the coming back bit might imply they are going some place....some place? Where and might start asking questions.......NEVER OPEN YOURSELF UP TO A HEARTY DISCUSSION.....the assessor will take advantage of the fact and you will end up failing.)

Then go and stand behind the patient and PUT YOUR HANDS STRAIGHT AWAY ON THE PATIENT.
No tuning in, you have done that already, praying to God or waving hands, cracking fingers or stuff.
IF YOU STAND BEHIND THE PATIENT TUNING IN YOUR ASSESSOR WILL ASK YOU LATER WHAT YOU DID? You better not say tuning in as you are already supposed to be tuned in OK.
So best just to go straight to work.
Just put the hands one on each shoulder so just hovering with finger tips touching now and again.
Because heaps fail because of heavy handedness.
Keep them there, safest as if you go to the head you risk the patient's head dropping forward or poking an eye in nervousness. Then before you realise it you have pushed the head back.
If any head drops move the hands away to the shoulder.
And when moving HANDS give a clear 6" break from patient body or you might be accused of massaging.
10 minutes that is what is needed; 7 is OK.
Can go 15 but remember you have 4 patients to do in an hour and time passes quick.
Finish and sit down in the chair opposite the patient and gently touch their hand to let them know it is finished.
When they open their eyes and some do not then touch fingers again and if still not come back speak gently to them, use their name if you can remember.
'Are you OK?' Ask them.
'Would you like a glass of water?'
'In normal conditions I would have a record card to fill in,' letting them know you know about record cards.
If asked 'Did you not feel inspired to put your hands anywhere else? Say 'I am only a channel for healing and do not give diagnosis.'


The patient will get up and fill in a slip with questions what you said and did.

Go and wash your hands, here now is the place to drink your mineral bottle, quickly wipe your nose and if you do WASH hands again.
Do not poke your nose and then put your hands on a patient. No finishing off a half eaten sandwich or KNEELING BESIDE THE PATIENT DOING ANY OF THESE DISASTROUS HABITS.

Then go and get the next patient.

The closing prayer, make it short and do not forget to ask for the healing energies left to be sent out into the world.

When the hour is up there will be an intermission before the 10 questions in a sealed envelope sent from Oatly.
Know your Code of Conduct, Healing and the Law, and H1.

You need 70% to pass your H1 and do not copy blindly from it to answer it. A good mark will help.

The 10 questions....If asked what modern event was important to spiritualists, they want the Fox sisters not the 7 Principles.
Also know your 7 Principles, anatomy from H1 and if I remember get 6 right.

Then you go for a break again and are called back and if told that you can expect a welcoming letter soon.... you have passed.


Always carry the blue card with you as it has your number on it and if valid.
Good luck.

I learnt what to say from Murial Finnalyson (Former President of Fraser Place) and healer George Murray. Murial F. is hoping to be an N.E. assessor.
Everything what to say and not to say or do is found in Healing and the Law, The Code of Conduct and H1.
Remember any type of Spiritualists are the only religion recognised by an act of parliament and how the healer behaves is how the medical profession and world see us healers of any association.
May love and light be with you.
I believe God is love and light.

* Muriel F. told me there is no mention of the Fox sisters in the new H1.
They are mentioned in the old H1.

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