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Lung cancer

Lung cancer

my experience
This will be my 3rd Xmas 2013 after my lung operation.
I am inspired to write about asmet a nurse
who broke her back sort of thing and was confined to a wheel chair about 25 years ago.
Her name is Heather and goes to the Roman Cathedral in Aberdeen .
She visited Bosnia and the healing sanctuary and now walks.
She restored my belief a lot as was beginning to see things the way medical science wanted me too.
My lungs got badly burned 2000. I died and went places. They did not expect me to surve then but did.
So now suffer from bronchitosis and one day spat up blood.
The x ray showed a shadow. Further down the road saw new x rays a coin tumour.
At the end of the year was a lot bigger so they cut it out and the bottom area, a lobe.
There was only some blood there.
I went through the usual stuff, camera with teeth on it. The biopsy, 3 bites, last one assured was from tumour now seen and exposed.
All came back negative which means nothing if the X ray showing a growing tumour.
It can happen as the cancer hides behind its rubbish so the sample taken not from the cancer.
Well I was told many times it was lung cancer and getting bigger and don't bother trying any miracle cures. They had seen heaps of people like me who buy stuff and die.
So prepared for my funeral.
After my operation x rays showed no tumour all clear.
Doctors now say was an infection all the time.
I am sure they are experts or would not be treating me as a cancer patients.
Another x ray just now and still clear and as a nurse just said to me x ray don't lie.
ALL I did was pray to Mary in the small side chapel in Saint Mary's Cathedral Aberdeen and my head was filled with a bright pink light but a see through pink. Next week happened again but less intense and third week faded.
The only other thing I did was fry up pure maple syrup and sit fry it with Baking Soda as home cure.
I did that a few times and over did so was ill all day. This is very dangerous as alkaline.
I believe that pink light healed me.
I have met lots of sick people and 2 prayed to God for help. The rest didn't and died or are still ill.
I tell many people this and my Near Death during the fire.
But after seeing my nurse for a blood sample today and X ray's do not lie and then meeting the nurse Heather who is a confirmed miracle as she is walking, I said i did go put it up on the internet.
and I will put it up.
I am also going to post them on my Facebook.
And here's something else during my lung operation I woke up going down a lit tunnel. Then stopped and saw a dark place no one wants to go. I heard people talking and waiting in darkness for me. But I was pulled back into the light back down the tunnel and started hearing the nurse telling me I needed to breath as my oxygen levels were too low. I just followed her voice back and woke up in this world.

Here is a reminder of my Near Death in the fire. I woke up floating out of my body and was watching this screen thinking a tennis game was playing. Then dawned was my heart stopped. A being came to take me away but argued so much wasn't my time as needed to look after my kids went and got a superior being.
I argue well so was allowed back to look after my kids and the hell of wakening up burned.

Another thing, after my little toasting they said I had SIRS.
Severe illreversable respiartory syndrome. Wasn't getting betting and year after year saw cubic capacity of lungs drop so eventually only a matter of time.
A year ago said lung capacity had got better and now put down as COPD.
Prayer works, it polishes the wedding lamp ready for the groom.

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