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Please send in your poetry and if liked will put it up here and collect into small booklets; might be a collection of works by different folk.
We believe poetry comes from inspiration.
Poetry please don't expect any payment unless a book of poetry is sold. If you want others to read what you wrote email it to
But everything in this site is free for promotion.
If you got some art send it as well.
If it is too big for email use Ftp
Core ftp is an example of a free service.

Amazing by Lana 11yrs old
The World's amazing,
It's so flat.
How come it's ended up like that?
My birthday it will come in may!
Why why for only one day?
I think of space and am amazed.
Too head out there, you must be half crazed!
Why does a flea jump so high?
Why is it blue the colour of the sky?
Why is a donkey called an ass?
Why is he a boy and me a girl?
How come the World is amazing?
I'll tell you a secret!
The world looks flat and actually it's round.
Don't you think that's amazing? Oh oh!
I have another secret?
My birthday is in may,
Isn't that amazing too or what?
I'll bet you everyone in space
Will be celebrating my birthday!
Wow and double jammy wow!
Isn't life amazing?

Falling Snow by Lana 11 yrs old.
Falling silently,
The snow flakes fall

Silently gently crushing,
The glittering snow.

Silently snow falling,
On the flowers.

Silently snow flakes,
Whispering to each other.

Silently the snow flakes,
Know the flowers starting to bloom.

Silently the snow flakes,
Silently melt away.

Sweet Little Flower by Anonymous
Sweet little flower that blows in the breeze.
To you belongs the drifting bumble bee.
Upon the flat tundra the areal lights you see.
When heavenly crystals fall your naked limbs do freeze.
Sweet little flower that blows in the breeze.
Some say plantings have no voice.
That their proper place is in the homes hanging by a hoist.
No warming sun just draughty winds to make you wheeze.
In your slender stem I hear the rumbling discontent.
So burst forth and speak with open petals.
Rushing winds be silent as cold alkaline metals.
Howbeit this warming ray can make you content.
Be trusting in the basking rays.
For am I the sun not your friend?

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