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Art - Wallpaper
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Artweaver has a free trial version and is as good as Corel
TUXPAINT is free for children

Art/sculpture books 3D like the spinning box we all seen....items leap out to show your works too best advantage.

If you got some art send it in.
If it is too big for email use Ftp
Core ftp is an example of a free service for large items.


Wallpaper is what you see on your PC control panel....display button for you to BROWSE to select your wallpaper to load up and see with a click of OK button.
Why not print it out and put it up on your wall. frame it even!

How to do it.....................these are ZIP files necessary for internet ......OPEN.........EITHER WITH ZIP OR COMPRESSED FILES...........IF ZIP THEN USE DISPLAY........EITHER then click on the picture of a disc bottom right tool bar.........COPY TO.....and MY PICTURE files

My Pictures click on picture and menu drops on SET AS DESKTOP BACKGROUND hey presto is done..

Remember when the wallpaper is downloaded it becomes your property....feel feel to experiment for you to get YOUR RIGHT FEEL IN COLOUR....print it, paste it, copy it, it is yours, make post cards etc etc etc.

May I recommend FREE.....Paint.Net........Art Rage 2........Deep Paint......... Ink Scape....STile........Gimp2 (new version soon).....GrafixShop 3........Texture Maker.....Pixia......Serif for 3D...... buy (Corel Paint Essentials and Corel Painter) also Twisted Brush by Pixia, (there is a FREE VERSION of Twisted Brush, obviously not as many goodies and this is not the trial version) and there are thousands of ready drawn trees and goodies for the hopeless drawer and it is truly amazing stuff.........and here some FREE PDF e book readers.............FOXIT READER, Adobe Reader, Acrobat Reader
Some good bookshops are Works and Bargain Books where you can buy reduced art/drawing books and stuff.
Also if you paint a lot these only stores have cheap artist essentials....beware the lead content so don't let the kids near them....just in case! Also the cheap pencils seem to be broken all the way through the silly piece of wood. Better to buy an expensive reliable one that you can sharpen all the way down till it vanishes like the white rabbit. Which reminds me....."Hey what's up doc?"
When you have learned how to paint you can always buy the expensive goodies.

Most of the drawings in the e books and wallpaper here have been done with the mouse on MSN paint as BASE before using the other stuff to make a picture. All pictures have a basic white/black/yukky colours at first. If you cannot draw a figure try drawing in small blocks then rub them into legs and bitties. You will be amazed you can suddenly draw figures; humans is a lot easier than horses and sweet little bunnies; they seem to gallop and hop.

Here is some Public Domain freebies in Clip Art.....please visit.....
One of the above clip art sites I have been told is closed. I have now been told he is back on.
If you have know of any art products free or good enough to purchase please let us know so we can post here.

Just bought Twisted Brush Pro as reduced for Xmas and what a machine? It deserves an opera but it could do with some digital animals! I hope Pixarra are listening?
Everything is reduced for Xmas, Coral Paint X has good backgrounds, is expensive; but
There is also a new Deep paint 2 out but needs money; start saving artists.
Remember the rule, have FUN.


Leisure garden Art - Wallpaper

Mungo, a book about gene shuttling, want to fly, get genes inserted so wings grow, is possible?

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Leisure garden
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